SYRIZA Leader Stefanos Kasselakis Expresses Readiness for Prime Minister Role

SYRIZA president Stefanos Kasselakis

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis expressed his readiness to assume the role of prime minister, calling for both European and national elections. Speaking on Alpha TV, Kasselakis emphasized that although SYRIZA-PA will maintain its independence, he remains open to collaboration.

Advocating for elections in light of societal changes, Kasselakis underscored SYRIZA's commitment to presenting fresh and coherent proposals. "Our goal is to demonstrate our capability for progressive governance and showcase our capacity for change to yield positive outcomes. We aim for a reversal," he stated.

Kasselakis urged voters not to view SYRIZA as a recipient of punishment but rather as a proponent of a green, democratic, and equitable Europe. "We seek a positive mandate based on our proposals for taxation, justice, and trust in our ability to deliver," he emphasized. "SYRIZA will remain independent but will evolve."

Looking ahead, Kasselakis has four years to formulate a political strategy amidst the evolving landscape of the (former) left-wing SYRIZA.


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