Mariam Soulakiotis: The Evil Nun Who Turned A Monastery Into A House Of Horrors

Mariam Soulakiotis or Mother Mariam

In 1950, a Greek village found itself in the middle of one of the most horrifying cases imaginable.

Mariam Soulakiotis, or Mother Mariam as she called herself, was the abbess of a radical monastery headed by a disgraced monk named Matthew Karpathakis.

At first glance, the monastery looked quaint… it was positioned at the top of a hill, white with a dome-shaped roof and a picturesque backdrop of forests and rolling hills. But eventually, the villagers would report the sounds of screams and moans coming from inside the monastery.

And there were strange sightings of people in chains roaming around the courtyard. And then, people started going missing…and their trails would lead back to the monastery...

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