Priest Attacks Bishop in Church of Crete, Turkey

priest fight

A startling altercation unfolded in a church in Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday, as a physical confrontation ensued between an Archimandrite and a metropolitan.

Video evidence captured the tense moment in the Church of the Bodiless Powers in Beşiktaş. Metropolitan Athenagoras of Kydonia, representing the Patriarchate of Istanbul’s Church of Crete, was seen entering the church to pay homage to the icon of the Theotokos. In an unexpected turn, Archimandrite Chrysanthos, serving as the Patriarchate’s Great Catechist, appeared and assaulted the hierarch, as reported by Romfea.

A sexton intervened and prevented further escalation, as the two religious figures exchanged heated words in Turkish amidst the chaotic scene. The entire incident was captured and circulated on YouTube.


Sources suggest that the altercation stemmed from a disagreement regarding the commencement time of the day's service. Allegedly, Metropolitan Athenagoras arrived an hour later than Archimandrite Chrysanthos anticipated, prompting a heated exchange where the metropolitan purportedly dismissed the Archimandrite, stating, "I won’t be needing you. You can leave."

Metropolitan Athenagoras has since lodged a formal complaint against the priest, prompting authorities to initiate a search for him.



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