US President Joe “Bidenopoulos” Hosts a Reception Celebrating Greek Independence Day

President Biden Hosts a Reception Celebrating Greek Independence Day

At a reception he hosted to celebrate Greek Independence Day the President of the United State Joe Biden claims that he was given the nickname "Joe Bidenopoulos” because of the overwhelming support he has received from the Greek American community.

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros (Lambriniadis) of America, accompanied the President of the United States and initiated the proceedings by delivering remarks at the White House, formally introducing Biden to the audience.

“Mr. President, Dr. Biden, once again you honour the Greek American people, the people of America in this most extraordinary way with the annual Greek Independence Day celebration here at the White House. As ever, we are humbled by the prestige of this celebration and on behalf of all, I thank you for continuing this wonderful tradition that recognises the roots of democracy,” said His Eminence.

“In addition to the democratic ideals, which are sadly being diminished around the globe, we are here to acclaim and remember those whose commitment to the cause of liberty and democracy cost them the dearest price of all, their lives. These people are the immortal heroes of 1821, who like those of 1776, and those of every generation willing to sacrifice upon the altar of freedom, we say eternal memory, we say to our brave warriors for peace and justice.”

“Mr. President, you have been a longtime close and trusted friend of the Greek American family and consider you to be one of our very own,” His Eminence continued. “We are on your side, Mr. President, as you're on the side of democracy and liberty. May God bless you with the First Lady, your family, and our armed forces with health, long life, and His abiding grace and His invincible strength. Long live America, long live the Greek people.”

After thanking His Eminence for the introduction, President Biden began his speech by saying, “I should start by saying the only reason I'm able to stand here is because of the Greek community. I forget the exact number of votes but I think every Greek American in Delaware voted for me. That's why I acquired the nickname I am very proud of, Joe Bidenopoulis.”

“I should start by saying the only reason I'm able to stand here is because of the Greek community...That's why I acquired the nickname I am very proud of, Joe Bidenopoulis.”

“Today we celebrate 203 years of Greek independence and celebrate the ties between Greece and the United States that stretch back longer than that. We have proud Greek Americans here and in the world of science, journalism, academia, and small business, others and religious sleepers, public servants from across America. Today, you embody the contributions of the Greek American community delivers every day for their country in communities across the country and nation.”

President Biden went on to describe how he has found inspiration in the Greek Orthodox archdiocese, saying, “I'm an Irish American but I have felt a deep kinship with the Greek American community. So many great grandparents started in America with just the clothes on their back like my ancestors did and went on to build good lives for themselves and more importantly, good futures for their family.

“So many of the values that I grew up with, my Greek American friends grew up with as well. Like treating everyone with dignity.

“My dad used to say, you know Joey, a job's about more than a pay check. It’s about dignity, it’s about respect, it’s about being able to look your kid on the eye and being able to say “Honey, it's going to be okay.”

“It’s about working hard, dreaming big, never forgetting where you come from and always holding on to your pride in your family, community, heritage, and above all, pride in the great country we share together.

“That pride is felt by so many immigrant communities across America and we celebrate that today.

“Today is about friendship. Aristotle said “a friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies”. And that's what we are, we're friends. To me, that captures the relationship between Greece and the United States.

“America is based on a single idea and hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal endowed by their unalienable rights and democracy makes it happens. You know where the idea came from, where democracy was born? In Greece a millennia ago. In my view, it's the precious gift that Greece has given the world and that gift gave rise to our nation.”

President Biden concluded his address with gratitude, stating, "Thank you for your dedication to the struggle for independence. May Greece and the United States continue to illuminate the path of democracy, serving as beacons of hope for the world."

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