Greek-Turkish Relations to be Redefined by Potential İmamoğlu Presidency


Amidst the backdrop of escalating tensions and historic complexities, the potential presidency of Ekrem İmamoğlu in Turkey's 2028 elections has ignited discussions about the future trajectory of Greek-Turkish relations.

The speculation stems from İmamoğlu's recent reelection as mayor of Istanbul, following a controversial victory that reshaped the political landscape in Turkey. This victory, often described as a political "earthquake," has paved the way for İmamoğlu to emerge as a prominent figure in Turkish politics, with aspirations that extend beyond municipal governance.

The narrative surrounding İmamoğlu's purported stance on Greek-Turkish relations gained traction after his warm statements during a visit to Athens in September 2021, where he emphasized the historical ties between the two nations and called for goodwill and common sense to guide diplomatic efforts. However, İmamoğlu has remained tight-lipped about his specific plans if elected president in 2028.

Turkish media sources have highlighted the challenges İmamoğlu faces amid accusations of being "pro-Greek" and "pro-Byzantine." These accusations have led to speculations about İmamoğlu's potential foreign policy orientation, particularly regarding Greece and the European Union.

Former US Deputy Foreign Minister Matthew Bryza emphasises the complexity of Greek-Turkish relations, noting that İmamoğlu's presidency could prompt modernisation within the CHP and potentially improve relations with the US and Greece. However, Bryza also acknowledges the enduring challenges posed by Turkey's foreign policy dynamics.

As speculation continues to swirl, the prospect of İmamoğlu's presidency looms large, prompting both cautious optimism and apprehension about the future of Greek-Turkish relations.

(Source: To Vima)

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