Scaled-Down Opening Ceremony Possible for Paris Olympics Amid Security Concerns

20240415 223719

President Emmanuel Macron has acknowledged the potential need to modify the opening ceremony for the 2024 Paris Olympics due to heightened security concerns.

Speaking on Monday, Macron expressed confidence in the planned ceremony along the River Seine but acknowledged the existence of "backup plans" in case of security risks. The July 26 event, scheduled to be the first Olympic opening ceremony outside a stadium, will feature approximately 10,500 athletes parading on boats along a 3.7-mile route in Paris' heart.

However, conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, coupled with the ongoing threat of terrorism, have prompted the French government to elevate its security level to the maximum. Consequently, Macron has accepted that if necessary for security reasons, the Paris 2024 opening ceremony could undergo alterations or a downsizing.

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