Nadal dismisses Tsitsipas' favorite tag: 'I'm no longer a favorite'

20240417 073448

Tennis Great Rafa Nadal disagreed with Tsitsipas' speculation that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Rafa in the final of Barcelona.

‘I suppose there’s a lot of respect for what I’ve done in this tournament, but everyone knows I’m no longer a favorite.’ responds Nadal.

"It's silly, let's face it, let's face it, he knows that's not the case. I suppose there is a lot of respect for what I have done in this tournament, but everyone knows that I am no longer a favorite to win a tournament. There is simply a story behind it that weighs heavily on rivals. To this day I am not the favorite, maybe in today's game yes, it is possible… I know that tomorrow (against de Minaur) I am not a favorite, but it doesn't matter either. These are things just that for you, you have to write about these things, for me it is an experience playing against a top-level player. It will be a test for me, we will see how I respond.”

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