Mayor Urges Suspension of Ministerial Decision on Building Heights in Athens

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Athens Mayor Haris Doukas has penned an open letter to Minister of Environment and Energy Theodore Skylakakis, urging the suspension of a ministerial decision proposing increased building heights.

In his letter, Doukas raises two pivotal questions: "Can Athens withstand more cement, taller buildings, and increased building ratios? What social need does the city have to fulfil with these changes?" He stresses, "With a deep understanding and genuine concern for our city's future, the answers to these questions are clear. Athens cannot. Unrestricted construction without a thorough examination of the city's capacity signals a pressing need for urban planning and land use rationalization."

The letter highlights that the ministerial decision has left the municipality in an administrative deadlock.

Doukas implores the ministry to acknowledge its historical duty, stating, "I urge the Ministry of Environment & Energy to ensure that the approval of construction does not proceed without valid certification of building terms for category 3, preventing uncontrolled construction."

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