Greek Denial: No Plans to Supply Air Defense Systems to Ukraine

Russian-made S-300 Greece

On Monday, Greece refuted a report indicating its intention to supply air defence systems to Ukraine, emphasising that no action would be taken to jeopardise the country's deterrent capabilities.

The government spokesperson in Athens, Pavlos Marinakis, reacted to a report in the Financial Times suggesting that the government in Athens faces significant pressure to send US Patriot systems and Russian S-300s to Ukraine.

"We have already provided tangible assistance to Ukraine and its people. However, it must be emphasized that no action will be taken – and I stress this – that could even remotely endanger our nation’s deterrent capabilities or air defence," Marinakis told a press briefing.

"We have consistently refuted such claims in the past, and I reiterate our stance emphatically today," he added.

Greece and Spain are facing mounting pressure from their EU and Nato allies to furnish Ukraine with more air defense systems. Ukraine appealed for increased assistance during a gathering of EU foreign and defense ministers on Monday.

In the face of Russia's escalated air and missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure, Ukrainian authorities urgently seek seven additional air defense systems, including US-made Patriots or Soviet-developed S-300s.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized on Sunday: “Patriots can only be deemed air defence systems if they are operational and capable of saving lives, rather than remaining stationary in storage facilities.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba expressed frustration on April 3, stating that Western partners are hesitant to provide Ukraine with Patriots, despite possessing over 100 of them. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy later emphasized on April 6 that Ukraine requires 25 Patriot systems or equivalent defenses to fully safeguard its airspace against Russian threats.

Thus far, only Germany has confirmed the dispatch of one Patriot system.

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