Wildfire Breaks Out on Paros

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A wildfire has ignited in the Pyrgaki area of Parikia on the Greek island of Paros, posing a significant risk to nearby residential properties. The blaze, fuelled by strong winds, has rapidly spread, prompting emergency alerts from the authorities.

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Concerned about the safety of residents, emergency services, including 19 firefighters supported by six vehicles on the ground, are actively engaged in combating the flames. Additionally, aerial support is being provided by a helicopter, which is conducting water drops to help contain the fire.

Given the escalating situation, authorities have issued evacuation orders, advising individuals to seek shelter at nearby beaches until the threat subsides.

The unfolding events are being closely monitored, with the severity of the fire underscored by the images and videos capturing the intensity of the situation.

(Source: Amna)

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