AUTO ATHINA 2024: The great return of the Greek motor show


After the absolute success of the Motorcycle Exhibition, which occurred over five days and closed its doors on April 14, the corresponding one for cars and mobility vehicles takes its turn.

The Metropolitan EXPO received over 42,000 visitors in five days for the Motorcycle Exhibition, an all-time record number, while according to News Auto, the commercial results for the participants exceeded all expectations. This year's Motorcycle Exhibition was the first for the public and was a very important test for the vehicle industry...

Next, the car exhibition, AUTO ATHINA 2024, which will be the only one in Greece this year, will be held from October 5 to 13, also at the Metropolitan EXPO.  This exhibition has been completely redesigned, with a new name, logo, and modern updates, such as digital coverage.

Exhibitions in the post-covid era

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In today's business world, exhibitions are critical tools for promoting and selling products, especially in the automotive industry. Their importance is more evident today than ever, especially in an era when technology and consumer behaviours are evolving rapidly.

The automotive industry has undergone enormous changes in recent years, with the introduction of highly sophisticated hybrid and electric vehicles, improved safety systems, and more efficient and economical thermal engines.

Undoubtedly, car companies have a lot to tell the world, especially since this year, the most new cars were introduced in the last decade.

These technological innovations make expos even more important as they offer an immediate platform for businesses to showcase their new creations to the public and investors.

Statistics show that visitors to car shows, especially local ones (such as Athens), have increased by over 30% compared to the pre-COVID era, indicating increased demand for physical events.

A 2023 European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) survey showed that around 70% of entrepreneurs find exhibitions necessary to communicate with existing and potential customers. This is necessary as face-to-face contact offers an experience that cannot be replicated through digital channels.

Beyond sales, exhibitions play a critical role in marketing. They allow companies to build a brand image, strengthen customer relationships, and develop partnerships with other businesses. The physical presentation of a product can be decisive for its success, as stakeholders can perceive its quality and features directly.

In conclusion, the value of exhibitions in the modern era is undeniable, especially in the automotive industry. After the pandemic, the need for real-life experiences and real human contact has returned strongly, making exhibitions an essential pillar for growth and success in the industry.

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