Escaped British Army Horses Cause Chaos in Central London

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This morning, two British Army horses broke free from their confines, sparking a dramatic scene in the heart of London. The incident led to injuries for at least four individuals, vehicular collisions, and startled bystanders before authorities managed to regain control.

An official army spokesperson confirmed the incident, stating that the horses fled during a routine exercise. Images and video footage captured the frantic moments as the two horses, one white and visibly injured, and the other black, galloped down a major thoroughfare, surprising pedestrians and motorists alike.

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"All the horses have been apprehended and safely returned to the camp," assured the army representative. "Both personnel and horses sustained injuries during the ordeal and are currently receiving appropriate medical and veterinary attention."

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Eyewitness accounts underscored the pandemonium caused by the runaway horses. "I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw them rapidly approaching," recounted Robbie, a taxi driver, in an interview with the BBC. "With passengers in the back, I was concerned for their safety. Thankfully, they veered towards the centre of the road and continued on their way, but they were moving at quite a speed."

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Law enforcement efforts successfully corralled two of the escaped horses in the Limehouse district, situated more than eight kilometers east of Buckingham Palace, effectively bringing the chaotic situation to an end.

(Source: Efsyn)

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