Alex Jones praises Christian Orthodox religion; says Satan runs the Vatican

Controversial social commentator and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones seems to be falling in love with the Orthodox Christian religion, even hinting at possibly converting to it.

Jones expressed his admiration and awe for the Orthodox Church on one of his podcast episodes when discussing the recent stabbing of the Assyrian Orthodox Bishop Mari in Sydney, Australia,

"I really like the Orthodox (Christian) Church, and it's exploding all over the world. I never hear anything I disagree with and I thought wow, this is amazing. " enthuses Jones.

Jones went on to say he sees all Christians as just that, Christian, regardless of denomination but added that there was something interesting going on with the Orthodox faith. He has visited all kind of Christian churches, Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical but felt something special when visiting an Orthodox church.

As for his visit to the Vatican, Jones said he felt like he "was in Hell" and that Satan had taken over that place!

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