Cat Unexpectedly Travels From Utah to California in Amazon Box

cat reunited 04242024

A cat named Galeana from Utah found herself inadvertently embarking on an unexpected journey spanning 1,600 kilometres, all within the confines of an Amazon box. The incident unfolded when Galeana disappeared from her home, triggering a multi-day search by her owners.

After days of uncertainty, the mystery surrounding Galeana's disappearance was eventually solved when it was discovered that she had nestled herself inside an Amazon shipment bound for California. It appears that Galeana's fascination with boxes led her to unwittingly become part of a package, unbeknownst to her guardians.

Remarkably, Galeana survived nearly a week without food or water inside the package. She was discovered unharmed by the Amazon distributor upon arrival in California and promptly taken to a veterinarian for evaluation.

Fortunately, Galeana's journey was not without its safeguards. The Amazon box she travelled in was equipped with ventilation holes, ensuring her ability to breathe throughout the ordeal. With the help of a microchip, the veterinarian was able to identify Galeana's owners and facilitate her safe return home.

Carrie Clark, Galeana's owner, expressed a mix of astonishment and relief upon learning of her pet's unexpected voyage. Reflecting on the experience, Clark emphasised the importance of microchipping pets and exercising caution with packages, particularly those from online retailers.

cat feature(Source: Kathimerini)

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