EU Gives Protection Status to Over 400,000 Asylum Seekers; Syrians, Afghans, Venezuelans Largest Groups

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Eurostat has released data indicating that in 2023, European Union (EU) countries granted protection status to a total of 409,485 asylum seekers. This marks a 7% increase compared to the previous year's figure of 383,700.

The statistics, published by Eurostat, provide insights into asylum decisions across the EU, with a focus on a selection of key findings from the comprehensive Statistics Explained report.

Among the asylum seekers granted protection status in 2023, 43% were awarded refugee status, 35% received subsidiary protection, and 22% were granted humanitarian status. In comparison to 2022, the number of individuals granted refugee status increased by 3%, while subsidiary protection saw a significant 20% rise. However, humanitarian status decreased by 3%.

asylumstory1 scaledGermany reported the highest number of individuals granted protection status at 151,505 (37% of the EU total), followed by France with 55,220 (13%) and Spain with 52,950 (13%). Collectively, these three countries accounted for 63% of all protection status grants within the EU.

Syrians comprised the largest group of beneficiaries, accounting for 32% of all protection status grants in the EU, followed by Afghans at 18% and Venezuelans at 10%.

In 2023, a total of 674,125 first-instance decisions were made on asylum applications in the EU, with an additional 191,530 final decisions following appeals or reviews. Of these, first-instance decisions resulted in 358,235 grants of protection status, while 51,250 individuals received protection status after an appeal or review.

asylum story 2 scaledThe recognition rate for first-instance decisions at the EU level was 53%, indicating the proportion of positive decisions among the total number of decisions. For final decisions following appeals or reviews, the recognition rate was 27%, encompassing both international and national protection statuses.

asylum story 3 scaledAmong the top 10 citizenships receiving first-instance decisions in 2023, Syrians and Venezuelans had the highest recognition rates at 94%, followed by Afghans at 80%. For final decisions following appeals or reviews, Syrians had the highest recognition rate at 79%, followed by Afghans at 46% and Iranians at 43%.

(Source: Eurostat)

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