INTERPOL Releases Report on Organised Crime in Cyprus

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A comprehensive report released by INTERPOL has shed light on the significant organised crime challenges facing Cyprus. The report delves into various aspects of criminal activities prevalent in the country, spanning from trafficking networks to financial crimes and cybercrimes.

Human Trafficking and Exploitation:
People trafficking, particularly for sexual exploitation, emerges as a major concern in Cyprus, with the country serving as a hub for trafficking networks targeting Europe. Victims, often coerced into the sex trade, endure exploitation in various establishments, including bars, massage parlours, and hotels. Additionally, the exploitation of foreign workers in sectors like agriculture and construction remains a prevalent issue, with authorities accused of inadequately addressing forced labour cases.

Irregular Migration and People Smuggling:
The report underscores Cyprus's vulnerability to irregular migration and people smuggling due to its strategic location between Africa, Asia, and Europe. The smuggling of individuals, facilitated by porous borders and illegal establishments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, poses significant challenges to law enforcement efforts. The recent surge in asylum applications from unaccompanied minors and individuals from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia further exacerbates the situation.

Counterfeit Goods and Arms Trafficking:
In the realm of trade, Cyprus grapples with counterfeit goods flooding its markets, particularly from Turkey via the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This illicit trade not only undermines the economy but also poses risks to consumers and legitimate businesses. Furthermore, the report highlights the country's involvement in arms trafficking, with indications suggesting Cyprus may serve as both a transit and source country for firearms. The recent lifting of arms embargoes by the United States has stirred controversy, with concerns raised about potential repercussions.

Drug Trafficking:
In the realm of drug trafficking, Cyprus faces challenges stemming from the heroin and cocaine trade, primarily fuelled by international demand. While heroin mainly targets the domestic market, the cocaine trade poses significant concerns, with organised crime groups exploiting legitimate channels to smuggle drugs into the country. The report also notes an increase in the use of synthetic drugs, such as methamphetamine, highlighting evolving trends in drug trafficking.

Cybercrime and Financial Crimes:
Cybercrime and financial crimes also feature prominently in the report, with instances of data theft, ransomware attacks, and phishing scams on the rise. Despite efforts to combat these crimes, challenges persist, exacerbated by gaps in judicial processes and law enforcement capabilities. The report underscores the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures and international cooperation to mitigate these threats effectively.


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