Houthis Target Greek Ship in Red Sea Attack, US Confirms Intercept of UAV


The United States military has verified that Yemen's Houthi rebels executed a missile assault targeting a merchant vessel in the Red Sea, in conjunction with an attack utilising at least one drone aimed at American warships conducting patrols in the strategic waterway.

Central Command released a statement confirming that the Greek-owned MV Cyclades, sailing under a Maltese flag, was the intended recipient of the three anti-ship ballistic missiles. Despite the attempted attack, the vessel managed to proceed on its journey without sustaining damage.

In response to the threat, CENTCOM forces swiftly intercepted and neutralised another Houthi UAV that was heading towards the USS Philippine Sea and USS Laboon, two American warships deployed in the Red Sea.

The targeted vessel, identified as a bulk carrier, was reportedly en route from Saleef, Yemen, toward the Suez Canal, according to marine tracking data.

(Source: i24)

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