Turkish Helicopter Carrier Anadolu Joins NATO Exercise in Ionian Sea

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The Turkish helicopter carrier TCG Anadolu today made its debut appearance in the Ionian Sea as part of a multinational NATO exercise, signalling a unique chapter in Greek-Turkish relations.

The presence of Turkish warships, including the flagship Anadolu, accompanied by frigates Salihreis and Buyukada, marks a notable shift in regional dynamics amidst ongoing efforts to maintain stability between the two neighbouring nations.

Announced by the Turkish Ministry of Defence, the participation of Turkish vessels in NATO exercises underscores a diplomatic effort to promote cooperation and de-escalation in the region.

According to a statement from the Turkish Ministry of Defence, the Anadolu, alongside its accompanying frigates, took part in the Neptune Strike 24.1 exercise from April 26th to 30th. This multinational training event involves ships and aircraft from 11 NATO member countries, focusing on integrated naval warfare capabilities.

Notably, the exercise also features prominent NATO assets, including the Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour, the Spanish helicopter carrier ESP Juan Carlos, and the French aircraft carrier FS Charles De Gaulle, along with their respective escort vessels.

The maiden participation of the TCG Anadolu in a NATO exercise marks a historic milestone, as highlighted on NATO's official website. The deployment of these assets underscores NATO's commitment to enhancing maritime security and readiness in its Southeastern Wing.

Greece, too, played an active role in the exercise, contributing forces from its Navy, Air Force, Marines, and special forces, emphasising the collective effort to bolster regional stability and security.

(Source: In.gr)

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