Greece Leads EU in Energy Price Decrease

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Following a surge that began before the war in Ukraine, electricity and gas bills in Greece saw a decrease in the latter half of 2023, offering some respite to consumers.

Eurostat data reveals that average household electricity prices decreased slightly to €28.5 per 100 kWh compared to the first half of 2023 (€29.4 per 100 kWh), although they remained higher than in the second half of 2022.

Similarly, average gas prices for households decreased to €11.3 per 100 kWh in the latter half of 2023, down from €11.9 per 100 kWh in the first half of the same year. This downward trend was also reflected in non-household consumer prices, signalling improved conditions for the industry.

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Greece stands out among EU countries with the largest decrease in gas prices, offering relief to consumers grappling with high energy costs. However, challenges persist as prices in other countries fluctuate, with notable increases observed in Lithuania and decreases in Denmark.

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Expressed in euros, average household electricity prices in the second half of 2023 varied widely across member states, with the lowest prices found in Hungary, Bulgaria, and Malta, and the highest in Germany, Ireland, and Belgium. Similarly, household gas prices ranged from €3.3 per 100 kWh in Hungary to €24.8 in the Netherlands.

(Source: Eurostat)

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