Greece Amongst the EU's Lowest GDP Per Capita Nations, Second Only to Bulgaria


Eurostat's latest flash estimates on purchasing power and GDP for 2023 reveal significant disparities in gross domestic product (GDP) per capita among European Union member states, with Greece featuring prominently among those with lower levels.

The data shows a wide spectrum in GDP per capita expressed in purchasing power standards across the EU, ranging from 64% of the EU average in Bulgaria, to 240% in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg and Ireland emerged as the frontrunners with the highest levels, standing at 140% and 112% above the EU average, respectively. They were followed by the Netherlands (30% above), Denmark (+28%), and Austria (+23%).

On the flip side, Greece was among the countries with the lowest GDP per capita, recording figures 33% below the EU average. This ranks the country below many former Eastern Bloc countries, such as Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia. Latvia, ranked 25th, has a GDP per capita in purchasing power units of 70.1% of the European average.

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The findings underscore the economic diversity within the EU and highlight the challenges faced by countries like Greece in achieving economic parity with their European counterparts.

(Source: Eurostat)

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