Greek Police Clash with Protesters Over US Military Cadet Concert


Late Wednesday evening saw tense confrontations in the central Greek city of Larissa as police clashed with demonstrators, primarily backed by Communist factions, who sought to disrupt a scheduled concert by US military cadets.

The uproar unfolded prior to a performance by members of the West Point Glee Club, a renowned musical ensemble from the US Military Academy currently touring Greece. Social media platforms were flooded with videos and images depicting scenes of chaos outside a municipal theatre, with police resorting to tear gas to contain the protesters. Inside the venue, officers engaged with a smaller group of demonstrators who attempted to disrupt the event.

As of now, it remains unclear whether the concert proceeded as planned, as neither authorities nor the venue have provided any statements on the matter.

The protest was organised by factions affiliated with the Greek Communist Party, who vehemently oppose the presence of US troops in Greece, as well as Greek military cooperation with Ukraine and involvement in international maritime security operations in the Red Sea.

Despite the intensity of the clashes, there have been no reports of arrests or injuries stemming from the altercation.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)


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