Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Study in Greece Forge Partnership to Boost Global Presence of Greek Higher Education

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Giorgos Kotsiras, and the President of "Study in Greece", Christos Michalakelis

Athens - In a bid to bolster the international profile of Greek higher education and strengthen ties with the Greek diaspora, a Cooperation Protocol was inked today between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and "Study in Greece." This landmark agreement, signed by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgos Kotsiras and President of "Study in Greece," Christos Michalakelis, signals a new era of collaboration aimed at propelling Greek universities onto the global academic stage.

The primary objectives of this bilateral cooperation are twofold: to promote Greek higher education institutions (HEIs) and their study programs abroad and to facilitate partnerships between Greek and foreign universities for joint research endeavours and academic exchanges.

Deputy Minister Kotsiras underscored the importance of this partnership, stating, "Through our cooperation with Study in Greece, we seek to strengthen the relations of Greek universities with the Greeks of the Diaspora and to give expatriate and foreign students and researchers the opportunity to get to know better Greek history, Greek culture, and modern Greece."

Mr. Michalakelis echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the historical collaboration between Study in Greece and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He remarked, "The signing of this memorandum formalizes and emphatically highlights the long and excellent cooperation of the Study in Greece with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, further ensuring the institutional support of the Greek state."

Key initiatives outlined in the Cooperation Protocol include the promotion of Greek universities and their international programs through digital platforms, networking opportunities for Greek and non-Hellenic scientists abroad, and the enhancement of Greek language and culture courses for the diaspora.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will leverage its diplomatic channels to promote these initiatives and elevate the visibility of Greek universities on the global stage.

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