National Technical University of Athens Triumphs in Collegiate Chess League

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The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) has etched its name among the world's chess elite after its outstanding performance in the Collegiate Chess League.

Undisputed Champions in Third Category

NTUA's C team emerged as the undisputed champions of the third category, showcasing their exceptional chess skills and effortless dominance.

Finalists in Second Category

The B team came close to victory in the second category but ultimately fell in overtime in a highly competitive group. Nevertheless, their performance earned them a coveted spot in the playoffs.

Global Top 6 in First Category

NTUA's A team made history as the only non-American team to reach the top six in the prestigious first category. They faced off against some of the best university teams in the world, proving their worth on the international stage.

Impressively in Top 8 in Fifth Category

Despite being considered underdogs, the D team also impressed by securing a top 8 finish in the fifth category, delivering a remarkable performance.

European and Greek Recognition

NTUA's success has put Greece and Europe on the global chess map, establishing them as a formidable force in the world of chess.

Appreciation for Players' Dedication

The university acknowledges the unwavering dedication and competitive spirit of its players, who have played a crucial role in this remarkable achievement.

NTUA A Team Roster:

  • GM Andreas Keliris
  • IM Dimitris Alexakis
  • FM Petros Rachmanidis
  • FM Vasilis Kasioumis

NTUA B Team Roster:

  • IM John Kalogeris
  • FM Gregory Drakoulakos
  • Constantine Tsarsitalidis
  • Apostle Stopper

NTUA C Team Roster:

  • Panagiotis Tzagarakis
  • George Papidakis
  • Anastasis Koukas
  • Michael Pelantakis
  • Vasilis Sidiropoulos

NTUA D Team Roster:

  • Anthi Vozinakis
  • Dimitris Merasedoglou
  • Orpheus Bourchas
  • Nicholas the Robot
  • George Andreatos
  • George Evangelio
  • Philippos Fotiadis
  • George Jahristas
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