Greece Leads EU in Long Work Hours, Eurostat Report Reveals

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A new report by Eurostat reveals that in 2023, more than 7% of employed people in the European Union worked long hours, defined as 49 hours or more per week, in their main job.

Among EU member states, Greece topped the list with 11.6% of its workforce clocking in extended hours, followed by Cyprus (10.4%) and France (10.1%). Conversely, Bulgaria (0.4%), Lithuania, and Latvia (both 1.1%) had the lowest proportions of long-hour workers.

The data also showed a significant difference between self-employed individuals and employees. Nearly 29.3% of self-employed people reported working long hours compared to just 3.6% of employees.

Long hoursOccupation also played a role. Skilled workers in agriculture, forestry, and fishery sectors had the highest prevalence of long hours, with 27.5% reporting working extended weeks. Managers followed closely at 21.9%. All other occupational groups averaged around 7.3%.

This report coincides with International Workers' Day, celebrated annually on May 1st.

(Source: Eurostat)

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