George and the Anastopoulos Family Bid Farewell to Supreme Souvlakia After 40 Years

End of an Era: George and the Anastopoulos Family Bid Farewell to Supreme Souvlakia After 40 Years

After four decades of serving the Greek and wider community with premium souvlakia, meats, and an array of products, George and the Anastopoulos family have made the tough decision to sell their beloved family business, Supreme Souvlakia, in Belmore.

The Anastopoulos family expressed gratitude to the community for their unwavering support over the past five decades, stating, "After forty years, we would like to thank our customers and community for all their support and loyalty in its success. May God bless you and your families."

In 1982, George identified a growing demand for pre-packed souvlakia and seized the opportunity to establish Supreme Souvlakia as a market leader in this niche. Supreme Souvlakia's success was built on hard work, quality, and the unwavering support of George's wife, Sotiria, and their children, Phillip, Vicki, Gina, Aphrodite, Suzy, and Dimitra, as well as their grandchildren.

George and the Anastopoulos Family Bid Farewell to Supreme Souvlakia After 40 Years 1

The family has entrusted the business to the Glinellis family, who bring 25 years of experience in the meat and poultry industry. However, they will continue to produce primary products from the Anastopoulos family's farms, ensuring the market receives products of the highest quality.

11George's Journey to Building Supreme Souvlakia

George's journey began when he migrated from Kalavryta, Greece, to Sydney, Australia, in 1965. After gaining experience in local factories, he embarked on a career in the meat industry, working at various establishments to hone his skills.

In 1984, George established a butcher shop specializing in souvlakia, recognizing the potential of pre-packed souvlakia in the market. His foresight and dedication propelled Supreme Souvlakia to success, making it a household name across Australia.

The Legacy of Supreme Souvlakia

Supreme Souvlakia became renowned not only for its quality products but also for its strong community ties. Customers trusted Supreme Souvlakia for their souvlakia, meats, and other products, turning to the shop for all their culinary needs.

The Anastopoulos family's contribution to integrating Greek cuisine into mainstream Australia is commendable. Throughout the years, they have upheld the authenticity of Greek souvlaki while sharing its origins with non-Greek customers, leaving an indelible mark on Australian cuisine and perceptions.

As the curtains close on Supreme Souvlakia's chapter, its legacy as a cultural icon and culinary institution will endure, representing the rich tapestry of Australia's multicultural landscape.

Photographs courtesy of Vasilis Vasilas

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