Greek Tourism Sector Faces 80,000 Job Vacancies as Season Commences


As Greece gears up for what promises to be a record-breaking year in tourism arrivals and receipts, the industry faces an unprecedented challenge with a staggering 80,000 job vacancies at the onset of the season.

The Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Food and Tourism (POEET) has raised concerns about the escalating vacancies in a sector that employs over 400,000 workers. Despite efforts to address the issue through platforms like Jobmatch, which aims to match job seekers with employers in the food and tourism sector, the situation remains dire.

The severity of the crisis is underscored by the steady increase in vacancies in recent years, with numbers soaring from 57,700 in 2021 to over 80,000 in 2024. These vacancies, primarily in hotels and restaurants, pose significant challenges for businesses, employees, and the state alike.

While the planned recruitment of 11,000 workers from third countries may offer some relief, it falls short of filling the vast number of vacancies or addressing specific skill shortages. Workers, disillusioned by previous seasons' intensive workloads and subpar conditions, are hesitant to return to the sector, opting for opportunities offering better working conditions elsewhere.

The shortage of workers is not only symptomatic of deeper issues within the sector but also exacerbates existing challenges. Even reputable companies struggle to find staff, particularly in specialised roles such as waiters, maids, and gardeners. The situation is most acute in high tourist traffic areas like Crete, Rhodes, and Halkidiki.

To address the crisis, trade unionists advocate for accelerated implementation of digital job cards and urge the government to take decisive action. However, the rollout of such measures is delayed.

Stakeholders are now hopeful that platforms like Jobmatch will facilitate matching job seekers with employers efficiently.

(Source: Kathimerini)

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