Greek Man Preserves Father's Memory with AI-Powered Chatbot


James Vlahos, a resident of California, has found a unique way to keep the memory of his deceased father alive using artificial intelligence. After learning of his father's terminal cancer diagnosis in 2016, Vlahos embarked on a mission to immortalise their time together.


"I loved my dad, I was losing my dad," Vlahos shared with BBC, expressing his deep emotional connection to his father.

In a bid to preserve his father's memories and personality, Vlahos spent countless hours recording his life story as part of an oral history project. Concurrently, he delved into the realm of artificial intelligence, pondering the possibility of creating an interactive tribute to his father.

Driven by his vision, Vlahos developed an AI-powered chatbot capable of responding to inquiries in his father's voice. When his father passed away in 2017, Vlahos found solace in the digital reincarnation he had created.

"The chatbot gives me more than I otherwise would have," Vlahos explained, highlighting the comfort and connection it provides. "I have this wonderful interactive compendium I can turn to."

Transforming what was once science fiction into reality, Vlahos continued to refine the technology, eventually launching an app called HereafterAI in 2019. With this app, he has enabled others to create similar digital legacies for their loved ones, allowing them to preserve cherished memories and personalities for generations to come.

(Source: The News International)

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