Violent Clash Erupts Between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos Fans in Berlin


Early Thursday, a violent confrontation between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos basketball fans erupted at a Berlin metro station, resulting in a brawl that left 12 people injured and requiring hospital treatment.

According to the Berlin Fire Brigade (Berliner Feuerwehr), one person is in critical condition, two individuals have sustained serious injuries, and nine others suffered minor injuries.

The clash coincided with the two teams competing in the Euroleague basketball semi-finals in Berlin. Authorities disclosed that approximately 60 individuals were engaged in the altercation, with the police deploying 44 officers to manage the situation. German news agency DPA reported that baseball bats and clubs were wielded during the altercation.

According to a police spokesman commenting on the incident on Sunday morning, around 60 people were part of a huge brawl with baseball bats and clubs, relays Berliner Zeitung. The police are in the process of identifying wrongdoers.

Other violent incidents marking the Final Four in the capital of Germany saw Turkish fans entering Uber Arena without tickets before the Semifinal pitting Fenerbahce Beko against Panathinaikos on Friday. A police intervention led to arrests, besides locking down the venue for security reasons and delaying the entrance of several fans, thus the tipoff across both Semifinals.

Also, there was tension between Fener fans and Turkish head coach Ergin Ataman during Panathinaikos's arrival at the EuroLeague hotel on Wednesday. No arrests were made on this occasion.

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