Kytherian Association of Australia Celebrates 102 Years with Spectacular Annual Debutante Ball in 2024

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The Kytherian Association of Australia (KAA) hosted its Annual Debutante Ball, marking 102 years since its inception, at the elegant Australian Turf Club Royal Randwick Racecourse Ballroom, Sydney, Australia. The evening was a memorable celebration of culture, tradition, and community spirit, attracting over 800 guests.

2024 05 KytherianBall 1
The Kytherian Association of Australia Debutante Ball featuring 15 Debutantes

Guests were treated to an unforgettable night with excellent food and impeccable service provided by the attentive venue staff. The atmosphere was filled with joy as the band played lively music, keeping everyone dancing and revelling in great Kefi throughout the night. The event also featured an exciting raffle, with some lucky attendees walking away with over $21,000 worth of fabulous prizes, thanks to the generous donors.

The Ball was graced by the presence of the Guest of Honour, Mrs. Anais Menounos. She shared her inspiring story of philanthropy and dedication to helping the less fortunate, highlighting her work as the co-founder of the St Nicholas Mission Academy free school in Ghana.

Anais Menounos is a distinguished figure known for her significant contributions to philanthropy and community service. She has earned recognition and accolades for her dedication to helping those less fortunate and for her efforts in improving educational opportunities for underserved communities.

One of her notable achievements is co-founding the St Nicholas Mission Academy, a free school in Ghana. This initiative highlights her commitment to providing quality education and creating opportunities for children in regions where access to education is limited. Through her work with the Academy, Ms Menounos has positively impacted many lives, offering hope and a brighter future to countless children.

In addition to her philanthropic endeavours, Ms Menounos has been honoured with the Greek Herald Woman of the Year award, reflecting her influential role and the respect she commands within the community. Her story of giving back and her continuous efforts to uplift those in need serve as an inspiration to many.

Anais Menounos’s involvement in various charitable activities and her leadership in community projects underscore her passion for making a difference. Her work exemplifies compassion, perseverance, and a deep sense of responsibility for creating a better world.

102st Kytherian Debutante Ball 2024 Sydney Australia  
during 102st Kytherian Debutante Ball 2024 Sydney Australia   at Randwick Race Course, Sydney, NSW, Australia on -18-May-2024.
Mrs. Anais Menounos, Guest of Honour

His Grace, Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis, representing His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, bestowed his blessings on the attendees and reflected on the long-standing history of the Kytherians in Australia, a heritage that predates the 100 years of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

A special moment of the evening was Helen Zerefos OAM, the Kytherian Lady of Song, delivering a beautiful rendition of both the Australian and Greek national anthems. The night reached its pinnacle with the presence of the stunning Matron of Honour, Mrs. Helen Magiros, accompanied by her husband, Harry.

Barbara Zantiotis, the President of the KAA, emphasised the significance of hard work and perseverance in her address, stating, “Work and determination over the past 101 years are why we exist today and continue to flourish and prosper.”

2024 05 KytherianBall 4
Barbara Zantiotis, the President of the KAA

George Roins, the emcee, presented the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the presentation of the 15 beautiful debutantes and their handsome partners, accompanied by the adorable eight flower girls and pageboys. Their grace and elegance were a true testament to the rich traditions upheld by the Kytherian community, the following debutantes and their partners taking center stage:

  • Tia Frilingos with Peter Winnel
  • Kiki Barbaris with George Frilingos
  • Felicia Economos with Curtis Constantinou
  • Mia Karedis with Peter Sklavos
  • Cara Diamond with Ryan Lynch
  • Rosana Vlandis with Paul Vlandis
  • Kate Stellios with Pete Krouskos
  • Elena Feros with Thomas Fiori
  • Sienna Francis with Harrison Francis
  • Demee Georgas with Billy Koumoukelis
  • Kristen Socrates with Harry Larcos
  • Evelina Karedis with Theo Coolentianos
  • Sophia Barry with Ryan Cordato
  • Natasha Psaltis with Andrew Magoulas
  • Nicoletta Tsakiridis with Alexander Dracakis
102st Kytherian Debutante Ball 2024 Sydney Australia  
during 102st Kytherian Debutante Ball 2024 Sydney Australia   at Randwick Race Course, Sydney, NSW, Australia on -18-May-2024.
Matron of Honour, Mrs. Helen Magiros, with the 15 beautiful debutantes.

Adding to the charm of the evening were the adorable flower girls and their page boys, who brought smiles to everyone’s faces:

  • Adelyn Diamond with Georgio Kouvaris
  • Yianna Notaras with George Samios
  • Lara Psaltis with Christian Henderson
  • Eleni Raissis with John Magoulas
2024 05 Kytherian Ball 94
The flower girls and their page boys for 2024

The debutantes, their partners, and the flower girls and page boys all played a significant role in making the evening a spectacular success. Their presence and participation highlighted the deep-rooted traditions and the vibrant community spirit that the Kytherian Association of Australia continues to celebrate each year.

Dancing of the debutantes was the highlight of the evening's event.

Guests enjoyed a wonderful event, as the Iho Nyx band kept them dancing most of the night with great ‘kefi.’ Iho Nyx is a prominent Sydney Greek band known for its unique blend of traditional and contemporary music styles. The band's name, which translates to "Echo of the Night," reflects their ability to capture the essence of Greek musical heritage while infusing it with modern influences.

102st Kytherian Debutante Ball 2024 Sydney Australia  
during 102st Kytherian Debutante Ball 2024 Sydney Australia   at Randwick Race Course, Sydney, NSW, Australia on -18-May-2024.
Iho Nyx band entertained the guests all evening

The Kytherian Association of Australia Ball Committee deserves heartfelt thanks for their dedication to organizing such a delightful event year after year. Their efforts ensure that this cherished tradition continues to bring joy and unity to the community.

Photo Gallery of the evening event.

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