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If you are about to plan a wedding, you will definitely be looking for some amazing inspiration and ideas on styling and decor.

GCT chatted with Mary Ronis from Scribble & Style, who is without a doubt one of the most creative, talented and sought after event decorators in Sydney.

Mary’s passion, skill and attention to detail has left so many in awe of her creations and it is her uniqueness and artistic flair that makes Scribble & Style a complete standout in the event styling industry.

Not only does Mary style and decorate, but she also spends endless hours sourcing beautiful pieces from all over the world, which she magically recreates and turns into glamorous props that can be hired out for your special day.

Mary is available for her styling services all around Australia and spoke with us about her tips on how to make your wedding day absolutely spectacular.

When it comes to styling, what should couples decide on first?

With so much information available through social media and other search engines, there are so many options to choose from. It is important to identify a key concept, colour scheme and a favourite image that you can draw inspiration from.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind?

Make lists, lists and more lists. Book the big items such as ceremony, venue, entertainment, etc. well in advance and then outsource the rest. People are so busy these days so it’s nice to have someone like a stylist to help create a bit of magic on the day.

What products & services do you provide for couples?

We offer a range of services that can assist a bride & groom with styling or decorating their wedding.  This includes helping come up with a concept, colour palette and design for the event space. We also assist with the sourcing of tableware, centrepieces, florals and papiere. On the wedding day, we put it all together and coordinate with all other suppliers to ensure the event is styled to perfection.

What seems to be the most popular look right now for weddings, bridal showers and kitchen teas?

The tone is shifting to a more contemporary maryroniseventsand streamlined look using different materials such as marble, geometric shapes, spectacular backdrops and illumination. For kitchen teas especially, lush florals are extremely popular and beautiful cake and dessert displays.

What style do you love creating most?

I love any style that pushes my creative boundaries. There is nothing more exciting than a client who is willing to take chances and do something unique and challenging.

Any particular colour combinations that you are drawn to at the moment?

I’m particularly drawn to warm rich colours right now.

Is there such a thing as too much planning?

Plan, plan & plan some more! Keep it elegant and cohesive- try not to combine too many different elements together and be open to suggestions & ideas.

What is the key to hosting an exquisite event?

Think about your guests- remember things that stood out from events you have yourself attended and draw inspiration from them.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration is found everywhere. I’m a very visual and emotive person. I get inspired by anything that I think is beautiful and by anything that makes me feel like there still is magic in the world.

How far in advance should a couple consult with you?

Ideally six months prior to the wedding. This allows for careful planning and preparation and ample time for ordering and sourcing items for the event.

Ithumb_IMG_2295_1024n your opinion, what makes an event stand out?

An amazing event always has to have an impact. Whether it be bold, subtle, dreamy etc., it has to touch every guest the minute they walk in the room.

What is most popular in bridal décor at the moment?

There is no real “theme”. Brides are more interested in creating a “feel” rather than focusing on one particular aspect.

What did you love most about your wedding day?

The fact that we had so much fun. It was all about us enjoying every moment and that we certainly did.

Did you have a traditional Greek wedding?

Yes, we sure did. We were married at St Euphemia Greek Orthodox Church in a traditional ceremony that included the crowning of the bride and groom and the dance of Isiah. This was beautiful.

Do you have a favourite wedding or kitchen tea you have styled so far?

That is a very difficult question. Every event is special to me. It is very important for me to understand and get to know my client so that we can create something that is personal, bespoke and memorable. That is why every event is different and close to my heart.

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