Bougatsan- Thessaloniki’s delicious dessert craze

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Have you heard of this deliciously good dessert?

Well, it combines the creamy filling of Thessaloniki’s favourite sweet snack- Bougatsa- with a flakey croissant pastry. To paint an even clearer picture for you- the croissant is sliced in half, and then filled with creamy custard, which oozes from all sides.

It has taken Thessalonikians by absolute storm and is soon to hit the streets of Athens.


This fusion pastry was created in 2013 when the financial crisis made Kostas Kapetanakis and his wife Maria redundant from their jobs. They decided to try their luck in opening a new café Estrella, on Pavlou Mela Street in central Thessaloniki.

Its success paid off, thanks to the ever-so-creative invention of their head chef Dimitris Koparanis, and let us just say- yes the bougatsan tastes just as good as it looks!

When Koparanis first made it, he named it and uploaded a picture on Instagram, which went viral and sold out immediately. Estrella started by selling 40 pieces every Sunday and eventually there were huge lines around the block every day, waiting to try it.

You can eat it plain with cinnamon and icing sugar, or you can also try it with some ice cream, chocolate and other tasty fillings.

This dessert, plus other inventive and well-priced dishes on their menu have proved so successful that Estrella is preparing to open its doors in Athens over the next few weeks.

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