Lonely Planet names Small Cyclades as one of the Top 10 places to visit in Europe 2018



Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world has selected 10 unique and desirable destinations for their Top 10 places to visit in Europe in 2018 , including Greece’s Small Cyclades in their ultimate list!

“Scattered in the Aegean Sea between Naxos and Amorgos, the Small Cyclades are off the radar of most visitors to this charmed part of the world, although one of them – Koufonisia – has become an increasingly sizeable blip for in-the-know travellers. Head to these beauties for a taste of the Greek Islands as they were decades ago, especially on Iraklia, Schinousa and Donousa. Their charm lies in pristine, one-taverna beaches, a slow pace of life and a rare sense of timelessness – the ideal ingredients for switching off. Don’t take too long to visit though: more high-speed ferry companies are adding the Small Cyclades to their schedules, particularly Koufonisia, the rising star with seductive beaches and a long, whitewashed main street lined with restaurants and cafes,” says Lonely Planet.

10 Ten Places to Visit in Europe in 2018 by Lonely Planet

1 Emilia-Romagna, Italy

2 Cantabria, Spain

3 Friesland, the Netherlands

4 Kosovo

5 Provence, France

6 Dundee, Scotland

7 Small Cyclades, Greece

8 Vilnius, Lithuania

9 Vipava Valley, Slovenia

10 Tirana, Albania

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