Giving Praise to the Heroic Greek Firefighters trying desperately to Save Lives

Greek firefighters

Firefighters Athens

Greece is in mourning, as over 74 people have sadly been confirmed dead due to the wildfires that swept across the East Attica region.

Greek firefighters

Greek firefighters, volunteers, police and paramedics have spent the last few days trying desperately, day and night, to save as many lives as possible and to reunite loved ones who have been torn apart by the tragic circumstances.

Greek firefighters

These men and women have been hailed heroes as they put their own lives at risk to try and keep the public as safe as possible.

Greek fire fighters

Many of these brave firefighters and volunteers didn’t hesitate to go as close as possible to the burning flames and have confronted very sad and traumatic circumstances, leaving them both physically and emotionally exhausted.

Greek police

All firefighters, police, paramedics and volunteers deserve huge praise and thanks for their ongoing and selfless efforts, in helping Greece during this horrific time.