New data reveals Greeks are the hardest working in Europe  

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Greek office

Greeks spend more time at work than most of their fellow Europeans, while Germans spend the least, the RND German media group reported on Monday, citing official data.

According to new figures from the German Ministry of Labor, Greeks are the hardest workers in Europe, putting in an average of 40.7 hours a week, while second place is the Bulgarians with 40 hours a week, followed by the Polish who averaged 39.4 hours a week.

On the other hand, Germans spend less time in their workplace compared to other Europeans, as the average amount of hours worked per week in Germany in 2017 was officially measured at 34.9 hours.

As a consequence, Germans worked less than the European Union (EU) average of 36.4 hours and many of their Southern neighbours who are sometimes stereotypically characterised in the country's tabloid media as being lazy.

The findings were derived from on an analysis of Eurostat data by the federal labor ministry.