Maria Menounos wedding

Greek American television personality Maria Menounos has opened up about her Greek wedding, where she married Keven Undergaro in a Greek Orthodox Church in Akovos, earlier this month, calling the ceremony “magical from start to finish.”

“It was the most special day of my life,” she told US’ PEOPLE magazine.

Maria Menounos Greek wedding

“We were so chill about everything, and I think, you know, Greece is our home and everyone there just came together for one purpose, and that was love.”

Maria added, “Everyone there made sure that wedding was about love and us, and everyone made it the most special day for us. There was no bitching, no complaining, no nothing,” she said. “Everybody just wanted to make it special for us. It was beyond special.”

Akovos, is her Dad’s hometown and Menounos was hush-hush about the wedding until the week leading up to it, where she decided she wanted to share this happy occasion with her fans and took to her social media pages, sharing many photos and videos of her travels to Greece, her pre-wedding party and of course their big day.

From the multi-layer cake, yellow and lemon themed décor, to the traditional Greek sweets of Diples that were shared with guests and the bride being taken to the church on a horse and carriage, followed by guests, Maria has shared all her big Greek wedding details with the world.

Maria has also shared more of her favourite photos of her dress, which was designed by Celia Kritharioti saying, “Throwback to the best day of my life. Our wedding in Akovos Greece was filled with pure love. Everyone who was a part of it was there out of love and in the name of love. I’m so glad We waited as long as we did because it meant so much more. It was a fairytale I will never forget and I’m forever grateful to all of my friends and family who made every moment special for us.”

Maria Menounos celebrates pre-wedding dinner at Athens Museum (VIDEO)