Greek Australian mums launch natural skin products for tweens

clean tween 2

clean tween 2

Clean Tween is an Australia made personal hygiene range created with 100% natural nurturing organic essential oils and butter. The new brand that specifically targets tween (8-13 year old) girls was developed by two Greek Australia mothers, Maria and Jenny.

“Although personal hygiene is a bit of an icky topic, especially when it comes to young girls it is a definite area that needs to be addressed. Kids don’t simply know good personal hygiene habits they need to be taught. Especially at this tween age, when young girls bodies' are going through hormonal changes that can often lead to strong smells,” Maria says.

With over 20 years of experience working in the Australian beauty industry, Jenny has developed and manufactured various branded products found in pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores, beauty salons and spas in Australia and internationally.

Being mothers of tween girls, they realised the beauty industry neglected the tween girl market and young girls are either using their mothers or older sisters personal care products which are not formulated for their young, sensitive skins. 

clean tween 3


Maria recalls a moment with her daughter, Alexandra that inspired her to do something.

“My baby powder smelling fresh little princess started smelling like a football locker. No amount of washing, clean clothes or dietary changes made a difference and so I was in a real dilemma as to what to use on her to deal with her BO issue. I am in the health industry and know enough to understand that whatever we put on our skin is absorbed straight into our bodies. If parents actually knew what they were using on their children they would be mortified. The toxins, the chemicals, I just couldn't do it.”

The Clean Tween products contain 100% natural materials and amazing essential oils such as lavender, rosewater, orange blossom and organic butter such as cocoa and shea butter, were developed to address the personal hygiene needs of girls at this stage in their life naturally.

“There are natural deodorant cremes, hygiene washes, face washes, face dews, lip balms and an everyday clutch which empowers girls to deal with any unexpected surprises regarding menstruation and staying fresh,” Maria explains. 

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Having both grown up in Greek households, discussions around personal hygiene and periods didn’t happen. Maria remembers this “was a very traumatic time in my life. I just got my period one day in primary school, my mum gave me a huge sanitary napkin and nothing further was discussed. I never remember using deodorant, never had a conversation around personal hygiene and how to deal with the changes happening to my body - it was awful. I wanted my own daughters experience to be different to my own.”

In 5 years time, Jenny and Maria would love Clean Tween to be the name on everyone's lips when they are about to purchase and introduce personal hygiene products to their young girls.

“We are about to launch a Face Cleaning Mousse and an essential oil sleeping aid called Chill-AX so new product development is of prime importance to us. We are also working on a boys' range so a lot to do and we are ready!”

The amazingly active materials from nature used in the skin care and personal products for young girls are available online and can be shipped internationally.