City of Athens hosts Christmas lunch for the homeless

athens 2

athens 2

The Athens Municipal Authority, like every year, hosted a Christmas luncheon for more than 1,200 homeless and poor people at the Rouf Indoor Municipal Sports Arena.

Along with Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis and Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidou, those who attended enjoyed a warm Christmas meal, accompanied by music, sweet treats and gifts.

“Our goal these festive days is to give our fellow people in need the opportunity to celebrate with dignity. With Christmas decor and music we create a sense of family warmth and a festive atmosphere for people who lack the resources to allow them to celebrate Christmas as they deserve. With the unwavering support of our dozens of sponsors and individuals who support our work every day, we stand by these people more than ever to help these people and hold the flag of solidarity and hope," the President of KYADA (Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens), Gregory Leo stated.

A similar meal will also be held at the Rouf Indoor Municipal Sports Arena on New Year's Day.

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Τα Χριστούγεννα είναι μια γιορτή που παραδοσιακά γιορτάζεται με αγαπημένα πρόσωπα. Φέτος, με το Δήμαρχο Αθηναίων @kostasbakoyannis και με νέες φίλες και φίλους καθίσαμε στο τραπέζι που έστρωσε το Κέντρο Υποδοχής και Αλληλεγγύης του Δήμου Αθηναίων στο κλειστό Γυμναστήριο στο Ρουφ. Ας σταθούμε με σεβασμό και αγάπη ο ένας δίπλα στον άλλο. Καλά Χριστούγεννα σε όλους #christmasinathens #merrychristmas

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