102-year-old Yiayia Sophie defies all odds and beats coronavirus

Yiayia Sophie Avouris

Yiayia Sophie Avouris

Everyday we are reminded of the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic. But there is hope to be found in some of the remarkable tales of recovery.

Yiayia Sophie, 102, is one of those extraordinary patients.

She defied the odds and recovered from coronavirus, much to her doctor's and family's astonishment. Some call it a 'Greek Easter Miracle'.

Yiayia Sophie Avouris was recovering from hip surgery at Mary Manning Walsh nursing home in New York, when she contracted COVID-19 last month. Avouris was the first known coronavirus case at the facility.

But Yiayia Sophie fought back, pulled through and got better.

Her family credits her doctors and the experimental drug hydroxychloroquine with saving her life.

“She came in for a broken hip and physical therapy and she was always so jovial,” Dr. Taimur Mirza, Avouris’ attending physician at Archcare’s Mary Manning Walsh, told PIX11 News. “She got that tough New York spirit."

And how nice is this: After Yiayia Sophie was moved out of the coronavirus ward, she learnt to FaceTime and was flooded with phone calls from her family.

“We were able to wave and say Happy Easter to her,” Effie Strouthides, her daughter, told PIX11 News. “We were really delighted by this."

“Happy Easter, Yiayia. We love you so much,” Elizabeth Hurley, the granddaughter of Sophie Avouris, said via FaceTime. "We can’t wait to celebrate with you in person."

Yiayia Sophie is still at the rehab facility, but this fighter has made it through another battle and continues to be the yiayia that doesn't let anyone or anything take her down.