What are the top 5 nudist beaches in Greece?

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14 19

We know that Greece is hiding countless "treasures". What we did not expect, however, was that some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece are only suitable for the very adventurous.

The reason?

They are nudist hangouts with cool, crystal clear waters. Individual, quiet and full of  bathers. They are an ideal choice for those who love the freedom to enjoy their swimming free of their swimsuits.

Mens House has selected the five best nudist beaches that exist on the mainland and islands of Greece.

What do you say... is it worth a visit?

Livadi, Donousa

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One of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades where nudists have their place of honour. Donousa is famous for its free campers, who have included Livadi on their list of favourite destinations. The area is full of people, but in no case is it suitable for conservatives, although the crystal clear waters and the fine sand of the beach make the scenery completely exotic. As for the permanent patrons? They have a bad relationship with their swimsuits.

Paraga, Mykonos

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Paraga is one of the most famous beaches on Mykonos. However, for someone who has not visited the island of winds before and hardly knows its "secrets", this beautiful place is a hangout for nudists, with the beach being divided in two: In its central part- families with their children, while on the right- the nudists.

Keep this in mind the next time you go to Mykonos so that you are not surprised.

Little Banana, Skiathos

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A beach - a dream. In our opinion, the most beautiful of Skiathos. With shallow waters and lush vegetation, it is famous for its natural beauty.

It is apparently the most famous nudist beach in Greece.

Velanio, Skopelos

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Velanio on Skopelos has not always been a nudist beach. Her natural beauty and serenity, however, led many nudists to go there. Its waters are crystal clear and it is rare to find anything to "spoil" the absolute silence that prevails there. A real paradise!

Red Sand, Matala

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Another "special" beach in Crete that was advertised all over the world by the international media. The Red Sand, with its wild beauty and blue-green waters, has also been the subject of Sky Travel, with reporters talking about a nudist beach that only the daring can explore.

From a completely justified point of view, there are rocks and caves around it that visitors love to explore.

In case you want to visit it, your swimsuit is unnecessary…

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