Merkel told Erdoğan that "the Greeks are not joking" about defending their maritime space

Merkel told Erdoğan

Merkel told Erdoğan

Everything shows, after the recent events, the role played by Berlin as a catalyst in the face of developments between Greece and Turkey. According to Pantelis Valasopoulos, OPEN TV correspondent in Germany, this is the reason why Turkey decided not to take their research ship out of port for research in Greek maritime space.

An important role seems to have been played by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told the Turkish president during a phone call- "the Greeks are not joking." She reportedly stressed "to expect a hot incident if you take Oruç Reis out for investigations."

Secondly, the Chancellor emphasised to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that "Turkey will have many problems, not only with Greece, but with the whole of Europe, if it continues the challenges and that the consequences will be very severe."

A little earlier, she spoke to Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

It is obvious, according to the OPEN TV correspondent, that Germany wants dialogue as a means of resolving Greek-Turkish disputes and to bring both countries together for discussions. Of course, from the German side it becomes clear that as long as the Turkish provocations continue, such a thing will not happen. At the same time, the Greek side emphasises the same, noting that "we will not have a dialogue with the gun at the temple."

Information published by Ethnos on Sunday also reported that Merkel told the Turkish president that the moment everyone "shows" her as a leader who supports him, he escalates the aggression in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

"You are exposing me," she reportedly told Erdoğan.

In fact, the information concludes with certainty that Merkel made it clear to Erdoğan that it is up to him - if he puts an end to this provocative attitude towards Greece and to allow Turkey to integrate into a dialogue with Europe, otherwise, such a thing would be impossible and the only debate that would start within the EU and the German presidency would be about sanctions against Ankara.