"King of Instagram" sails around Greece

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian

If you haven't heard of Dan Bilzerian, then sit tight because you're about to! The so-called 'Internet Playboy' who isn't afraid to throw large wads of cash around, is sailing around Greece, no doubt with women in tow.

He first started in picturesque Santorini, and now he is partying in Mykonos.

But will he give the Greek tourism industry a much-needed economic boost?

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Left my cameraman at home

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According to Forbes, Dan's company, Ignite International Brands posted $67 million in losses in 2019 alone. This is easily visible to the naked eye at the Canadian Stock Exchange, where shares of Ignite are very clearly publicly traded. But what's Ignite all about?

Ignite sells a range of products including CBD-infused toothpicks, Nicotine vape juice (infused with CBD oil, of course), Vodka and a range of Ignite merchandise. Chances are you haven't heard of CBD, well here's what it is. CBD is essentially the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (or marijuana). While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a sister of the marijuana plant. And yes, it can make you 'high'.

So, by now, you're getting a picture of Dan's lifestyle. According to a source, Ignite regularly throws profligate 'orgies' where models are flown in from all parts of America (Just check Dan's Instagram, we're not exaggerating). There is a model in every single one of his Instagram photos.  No doubt a platoon of Ignite products are consumed in large quantities. That could prove rather expensive, with most 'models' hourly fees ranging from $100-$500. Might explain the huge company losses last year!

Seriously though, back to earth for a second, how did Dan get so rich? The truth is Dan's father is none other than Paul Bilzerian, a notorious felon and Wall Street Fraudster who (apparently) owes the SEC $62 million dollars!

Dan Bilzerian is certainly involved in companies that are somehow related to his father, although he has previously denied any wrongdoing in court. Maybe he is a trust fund child after all, or maybe he just got really lucky. Or maybe he is honestly a very savvy businessman. Either way, the man knows how to splash his cash. And woo his women. We never know what goes on behind closed doors, but at least we'll know what he gets up to in the motherland!

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  1. CBD oil does not make one high. It is a constituent of multiple cannaboids with the plant,extracted for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. THC is another constituent cannaboid that does. Please do more research before writing untruths about the benefits to so many people like myself,who use it to help their chronic health conditions.