Memorial service for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic in Australia

Memorial service for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic in Australia 1

Memorial service for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic in Australia 2

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia will hold a memorial service on Friday, 31 July at 12:00pm for the repose of the souls of the victims of the coronavirus pandemic and will commemorate the names of the brethren who have recently departed this life and, in particular, those who were residents of the aged care facility of St Basil’s in Melbourne.

The memorial service will be conducted at The Cathedral of the Annunciation of our Lady Theotokos in Sydney, and will be live streamed on social media.

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  1. A memorial service for those who have sadly, tragically died from Corona Virus will not make up for the gross miscommunication between the Orthodox Church owned and managed St Basils in Victoria Australia and family members. Will not make up for the apparent poor care and attention with many many complaints from family members that their elderly parents/ grand parents have not had soiled clothing changed, not been properly fed, not given critical medication…
    My papou was at that facility years ago, with the very same people in charge as today. I was not happy then and tried to get answers to questions without any luck.
    I was not happy that papou presented with all of the signs of being – literally – drugged to keep him quiet and more manageable, as others also appeared to us in our very regular visits. I went three times a week to see him and my parents went every day, sometimes even twice in a day.
    But the families of those who have died have been denied the right to see their loved ones. This is NOT the fault of the state government and a great Premier who have worked tirelessly to try to stem the tide of that pandemic, however, it IS largely the fault of morons who openly defy the restrictions of travel including, sadly for us, members of the Hellenic community.
    A young Hellenic Australian woman now caught twice travelling when she had no need and not cooperating with police, then showing off via facebook in how she treated police questions.
    An older vlaka openly claiming Covid is fake and to ignore social distancing, to refuse to wear masks. A priest in one of our Sydney churches chastising an elderly female parishioner for wearing a mask.
    His Grace the Archbishop needs to face up to some realities and to take decisive action at St Basils Victoria and with all Orthodox Churches under his jurisdiction. Until then memorial services do not do anything to reduce the problems within our own Hellenic communities.