Greek Minister: We want peace, but we are ready for the worst case scenario

The tension in Greek and Turkish relations that we have been experiencing lately is not typical compared to previous decades, as the provocation from Ankara is continuous and multifaceted, said Kostis Hatzidakis.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Hatzidakis, speaking on ANT1 news program, “Summer Together” added that “in any case we face the challenges with determination, we always want peace, but we are also preparing for the worst case scenario.”

Regarding the possibility of dialogue with Turkey, Hatzidakis reiterated the firm Greek position that Athens is willing and ready for dialogue on the continental shelf and maritime zones, but not under a regime of provocations and blackmail.

Referring to the opening of schools, but also to the coronavirus pandemic, he stressed that the government is doing the right thing, taking into account the suggestions of experts and how the whole of Greece together managed to deal successfully with the pandemic in the spring, in the same way we have to deal with it now.

He added that the opening of Greece to tourism was not responsible for the increase in cases recorded in August, explaining that there were cases of tourists having coronavirus, but they were not the determining factor.

Regarding the subsidy program for the electric vehicle that started the day before yesterday, Hatzidakis said that within 30 hours, about 1.5 million euros were absorbed from the 45 available by the end of the year. This money concerns more than vehicles with about 80% being for electric bicycles.

Finally, when asked to comment on POMIDA’s appeal for the non-abolition of the off-plan construction, he stressed that the government’s goal is to deal effectively with “urban anarchy.” However, the restrictions imposed are only 10%, the derogation is allowed for construction under 4 layers and through the Recovery Fund will be financed the action for the elaboration of urban plans for the whole country.

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