Video of Turkish pilot locking onto 'Greek' jets found to be fake simulation

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Despite Turkey being the aggressor, its military has been embarrassed by the Greek security forces at every opportunity that has arisen.

However, what happened yesterday has taken Turkey's desperation to show itself as a military power to a whole new level when the Turkish Defense Ministry were caught spreading a fake video.

We recall that in March of this year, orchestrated by the Turkish special forces police and military, that tens of thousands of illegal immigrants arrived at the Greek border demanding entrance into the European Union. This Turkish assymetric invasion of Greece utterly failed as Greek border security and local civilians mobilized to prevent this from occurring.

More recently at sea, the 38-year-old Greek Limnos frigate collided into the Kemal Reis flagship of the Turkish fleet escorting the Oruç Reis vessel that is illegally attempting to conduct seismic research in the Greek and Cypriot continental shelf. Although the Turkish flagship attempted to ram into the Limnos, it got outsmarted by the Greek captain and sustained millions of dollars in damage.

Most hilarious though is that Turkish submarines who thought they were invisible in the Aegean Sea were not only surrounded and trapped by the Greek military, but for endless hours had high frequency solar waves bombarding the submarines and damaging several Turkish eardrums, but as a mock the Beatles' song "Yellow Submarine" was played on repeat, as reported by Greek City Times.

Although the Greek military has shown its strength on land, at sea and even undersea, it is in the air where the Greeks truly dominate. It has become a daily scene that Greek pilots demonstrate why they have won in consecutive years "NATO's Best Warrior" award as they have endless practice with inferior Turkish pilots.

Well known former U.S. fighter jet pilot turned analyst, C.W. Lemoine, even commented on a video of a Greek-Turkish fighter jet dog fight where he said “Good on the Hellenic Air Force pilot, he basically converted high to low, and owned him," adding that the Turkish pilot is “making my Viper look bad” and that “it’s just embarrassing.”

Yesterday, the Turkish Defense Ministry uploaded a video of a Turkish jet chasing a 'Greek' jet and wrote:

"On 27 August 2020, 6 F-16 aircrafts belonging to Greece departing from Crete Island and heading towards Cyprus and approaching the region declared as NAVTEX, were prevented by F-16 aircraft of our Air Force and removed from the region."

The problem?

It was immediately seen that the jet they claimed was Greek, was not.

As Greek airline pilot Joseph Pardalakis highlighted, the video used by the Turkish Defense Ministry shows that the 'Greek jet' that the Turkish pilot locked onto, was in fact a Turkish jet. Pardalakis points out that roundel painted on the locked on 'Greek jet' is actually that of the Turkish Air Force and not the Greek one.

In a Tweet, he shows the painted Turkish roundel from a screenshot of the footage they released, and in a follow up Tweet showed the roundel on Turkish fighter jets.

In the next tweet shows what is actually painted on Greek jets.

Others would then highlight that the Turkish jet was in fact low in fuel and that the monitor was highlighting "SIM" for simulator.

Effectively, the Turkish Defense Ministry attempted to cover up its embarrassing military performances by posting a simulated fight between two Turkish jets and dubbed a Greek voice over.

Turkey is one of the lowest ranked countries for media freedoms in the world, is the second most susceptible country surveyed on the European continent and its surrounds to fake news, has the most journalists jailed in the whole world, and 90% of media is government controlled, so such absurdity from the Turkish Defense Ministry is expected.

The fact the video was uploaded in the Turkish-language and not in English like they often do, suggests that the fake video was for domestic consumption to improve social morale after suffering several military humiliations.

Emirati billionaire Hassan Sajwani would even weigh on Twitter and express shock at how fake the Turkish video is.

Others would also highlight the hilarious attempt by the Turkish Defense Ministry to release a fake video.

Meanwhile, another showed how a real dog fight appears from the monitor, rather than a training simulator.