Macron: We need to create a Pax Mediterranea to stop imperialist Turkey (VIDEO)

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French President Emmanuel Macron on the subject of energy cooperation in the East Mediterranean has made a powerful statement calling for a Pax Mediterranea and other sentences that other world leaders, including the government in Greece, have been to afraid to openly and clear state - Turkey is an imperialist country.

“We have to create Pax Mediterranea, because we see an imperial regional power coming back with some kind of fantasies of its own history, and I am referring to Turkey," Macron said.

Macron through his call for a Pax Mediterranea was effectively calling for peace in the Mediterranean, with Pax coming from the Latin word for peace.

However, he was also unafraid to highlight the obvious - that Turkey is an imperialist regional power that aims to exploit foreign countries, as seen with its invasion and occupation of areas of Cyprus, Syria, Libya and Iraq.

The French President also said that "as far as the sovereignty of the Mediterranean is concerned, I had to be consistent in my actions and words," and added that "the Turks only understand and respect this. If one says only words that are not followed by action. What France did this summer was important, it is a policy of red lines."

"I do not believe that in recent years Turkey's strategy has been that of a NATO ally when you have a country attacking the Exclusive Economic Zones or the national sovereignty of two European Union member states," he said. "What would be our credibility in handling the issue of Belarus if we did not respond to attacks on the national sovereignty of our member states?"

Macron added. "Germany and other partners are beginning to agree with us that Turkey's agenda is problematic now. While six months ago some people said that only France blames Turkey for various things, now everyone sees that there is a problem."