Somebody needs to explain what "noble" means to the Turkish Interior Minister

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The Turkish Interior Minister has made a bizarre statement in the middle of hostile tensions between Athens and Ankara.

"Turkey is the center of the world, carrying the entire world's burden, but will liberate oppressed nations, revitalize Ottoman ideals, Turks are noble people, our ancestors promoted philosophy," said Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

"Noble" acts of the Turks:

  • The genocide of the Armenians.
  • The genocide of the Greeks.
  • The genocide of the Assyrians
  • Continuing to this day ethnic cleansing of the Kurds.
  • The invasion/occupation of northern Cyprus and transfer of hundreds of thousands of settlers there. A war crime.
  • The invasion and occupation of parts of Syria.
  • The invasion and occupation of parts of Iraq.
  • The training, arming, financing and use of ISIS terrorists in Syria and Libya.
  • Threatening to rob the natural resources of neighbouring countries, by use of force.

Somebody needs to have the word "nobility" explained to them!

As for Turkish philosophy (Greek word), here are a few examples from Turkish politicians, media and academics:

  • "We will throw the Greeks into the sea."
  • "We will pluck their eyes out."
  • "We will tear out their tongues."

With continuing German support, "nobility" and "philosophy" may just be redefined.

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