#WeLearnSafely: The new TV campaign of the Greek Ministry of Education for the upcoming school year

Greek ministry of education

The Greek Ministry of Education and Religions has launched a new campaign for Greek students of all ages, who are about to kick off their new school year.

As schools and academic institutions are scheduled to start on September 14th, public concerns have arisen about the health and safety of students inside classrooms amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

With the launch of its new campaign, titled “#MathainoumeAsfaleis” (#WeLearnSafely), the Ministry of Education is aiming to inform academic staff, students and their parents about the coronavirus pandemic and the various protections measures that will be employed in all educational units.

The campaign’s website mathainoumeasfaleis.gov.gr includes a plethora of instructions for teachers and pupils, answers to frequently asked questions, relevant links, ministerial decisions and other announcements from the Hellenic National Public Health Organization, relating to prevention of the spread of the coronavirus.

The insurmountable, constant need for the protection of public health, as well as the education of our children, led to the decision to open all educational institutions with the necessary accompanying measures for the prevention and protection from the coronavirus, based on the suggestions and instructions of National Committee for the Protection of Public Health against COVID-19” reads the website.

The educational campaign will be accompanied by a 52-second TV spot, the broadcast of which will commence nationally on all television stations from Wednesday, September 9th, and will emphasize the prevention measures against the coronavirus, and especially the appropriate use of masks.

The safe return of students to schools and universities, but also of all teachers, educators and parents at work, is a priority for us. Especially for students, going back to school, their physical space, is a necessary condition for their spiritual, social and psycho-emotional development, and it cannot be replaced by distance learning. The negative effects on children's development, the reduction of opportunities and the lack of socialization, make the full reopening of schools a national priority” states the Ministry of Education, Niki Kerameus.

"The simultaneous preservation of individual and public health, as well as the continuation of the educational process are of immense importance. The Ministry of Education and Religions, always guided by the common interest of the educational community, and according to the instructions of the special group of our scientists, responds to these new conditions, so that with the effort, perseverance and adaptability of all of us,  we will Learn Safely.”

Besides educating the public, the #MathainoumeAsfaleis campaign is striving to refute unsubstantiated theories that encourage the violation of the precautionary rules for the novel coronavirus and endanger the general public.

The goal of the ministry is the smooth start and operation of all educational institutions across the country, and the observance of the protection measures by the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health.