New COVID-19 regulations for Athens and Attica

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Due to an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the following additional measures will be in effect in Athens and all of Attica as of Wednesday.

The news will be for at least a two week period and includes:

- Wearing masks will be mandatory in all indoors work areas, offices etc. It will also be mandatory in crowded outdoors areas, e.g. squares and bus stations, where it is not possible to respect social distancing.

- Outdoor concerts, performances and other similar events will be happening, but the number of people who can attend will be 50% of the usual capacity. Attendants will need to be seated and wear masks. Smoking and alcohol use will not be allowed.

- Cinemas and theatres will be operating at 60% capacity. Cinema goers will need to wear masks at all times.

- Indoor venues with live music will not be operating for the next two weeks.

- The number of people who can sit together at a restaurant table will now be limited to 6 people.

- The number of people attending events and social gatherings is still limited to 50.

- For people over 65 years old, there is strong suggestion to wear masks at all times.

In addition, for the region of Trikala, the following measures will be taken, starting tomorrow:

- The number of people attending events and gatherings will be limited to 50

- Bars, restaurants etc will remain closed from midnight to 7 am