Illegal immigrant from Afghanistan attempted to rape woman in Ioannina


A 26-year-old illegal immigrant from Afghanistan was arrested and a case was filed against him for attempting to rape a woman in northwest Greece.

Incidents of sexual assault by illegal immigrants against other illegal immigrants in migrant camps is not new since Germany and Turkey launched the 2015 migrant crisis. Another incident was investigated by the police authorities in the migrant camp of Katsikas in in the Epirote city of Ioannina, where a 26-year-old Afghan was arrested.

The 26-year-old Afghan on Tuesday night attempted to rape a 35-year-old Iranian woman.

The Afghan approached her and demanded to have sexual intercourse with her after threatening her with a knife, while at the same time he caused bodily injuries by hitting her in his attempt to subdue her resistance. However, he eventually failed to carry out his ill intentions.

Police immediately rushed to the migrant camp, located the 26-year-old Afghan wandering outside of the camp and arrested him.

Ioannina police charged the illegal immigrant with attempted rape, bodily harm and violations of weapon and drug laws.

Along with the knife, he was found being in possession of found 12 unspecified narcotic pills.