GCT Exclusive: Kelly Kellekidou presents her new song ‘Vasanizomai’

Kelly Kellekidou


Kelly Kellekidou presents to Greek City Times her latest song and video clip ‘Vasanizomai’.  Stamatis Kraounakis wrote this zeibekiko for Kelly and it was released by Panik Platinum.  Kelly speaks exclusively with Greek City Times about her experience and the strong messages she wants to pass to all women via her videoclip. 


Kelly Kellekidou 

How did you end up working with Stamatis Kraounakis on your latest song ‘Vasanizomai’?

The song with Stamatis was recorded just before COVID-19. I really do think that nothing in our lives happens by chance.

One night many, many years ago in 2005, when I was performing alongside my husband Nikos Kourkoulis, Stamatis Kraounakis came to watch our show.

I used to perform one of his songs ‘Auti h nixta menei’ and Stamatis seemed to be very excited about how I performed it.

The next day when I arrived at my dressing room, I had received a big bouquet of flowers from Stamatis which had a note that said “Thank you so much for the amazing experience that we shared with you last night”.

At first, I could not believe it. He is a person that I had admired and followed his musical journey for many years.

Whatever we say about Stamatis is never enough. This is why I just could not believe his wonderful gesture. It was a huge deal for me.

The next day Giorgos Nanouris called me. He had been with Stamatis at the show that night. He told me that Stamatis wanted to write a song for me. I was so happy, but during that period I have released the song ‘Glyka, glyka’ and we were about to release ‘Ma to Theo’.  So it didn’t seem like the right time and it didn’t happen back then.

This idea withstood the test of time and so many years later it ended up happening, with a lot more maturity especially from me, I was now ready to accept this gift from Stamatis.

'Vasanizomai' is a song that really touches my soul.

As soon as I heard this wonderful zeibekiko it was like I was transported back in time. It talks about the importance of human touch and just how important something as simple as giving or receiving a hug actually is. As one of the lines say “Stin agkalia Sou baino Kai ola ta ksexnao”.

I truly believe that a hug is our hiding place from the moment we are born until we die. We all need it, so it is a very important theme.


Kelly Kellekidou Vasanizomai 

Yes, and especially with what is happening around the world at the moment. Two video clips have been released for this song. Tell us a bit about that. 

We actually had both of the video clips ready. The first is the clip of the studio recording of the song. The other one is a single shot of myself taking my make up off. Stamatis directed me and the result was amazing. He created something unique and subversive.

During the beginning of Covid we thought it would be better to release the studio version first, and about three weeks ago we released the second video clip as well.


Kelly Kellekidou Vasanizomai

As a result of the Vasanizomai video clip featuring you removing your makeup, a new challenge has begun on Instagram. 

Yes, and I am so proud of the message and statements it is trying to share with the world. I am happy because I have received many messages about it. Basically, the message is that if the woman’s soul is beautiful, it is not important if she has make-up on or not. We are emphasising a woman’s natural beauty. To look inside our soul, all you need to do is look in our eyes. Nothing else matters.


Kelly Kellekidou Vasanizomai

It is definitely a very important message to pass to all women. 

Yes!! When Stamatis first told me to start taking my make up off on camera, believe me I was a bit scared. But in the end, not only did I enjoy it, but in just two takes the process became a video clip. And this is why I am so happy and proud of the result. Stamatis has a way of touching the souls of people. This is why I didn’t have any issue putting my trust in him when he suggested it. For the first time I didn’t care how I would look with smudged make up all over my face, and with my hair up in a messy bun. I truly enjoyed it in the end.


when he suggested it,

As someone who has watched the video clip, and listened to the song, I think the messages that come out of it are really strong. 

Yes, definitely. And this is also obvious with the Instagram challenge already mentioned. We don’t always have to look amazing; with our hair and make-up done, wearing the latest fashion.

The beauty of this song is that it was created with a lot of love, with a big trust to Stamatis about his vision of the song and clip, so the result ended up being very real and what really matters in the end is OUR truth.


Watching the studio video clip,  there is obvious chemistry between yourself and Stamatis. 

We have such great chemistry and love for one another. I’m so grateful I had this opportunity. What can we say about Stamatis? He is an artist, song writer, musician, radio producer, singer, author. Honestly, anything we say about him is not enough.  He has so many talents that I truly believe what I experienced in the studio with him is a unique experience. Of course, I don’t want to discredit my previous songs and the people I worked with, but I truly learnt so much from him.

Everything was made out of love. The recording of the song, the making of both videoclips. Everything happened so quickly, so beautifully because of our strong chemistry. This is what really matters. To do things with love, and to collectively try our best.

Stamatis did not leave at all. He arrived first and was the last person to leave. We actually all left together on the last day and went to a beautiful little taverna so we could reflect on the whole experience. This is another thing that really touched me and I keep all his feedback, advise and words of wisdom close to my heart.


Kelly Kellekidou ‘Vasanizomai’

It all sounds like a wonderful experience and the results were just as you wanted. For Greeks who live abroad, it is songs like this that keep them in touch with their roots to Greece.

I thank you for your lovely words. I especially know what you mean. As you know I lived in Australia with my family for a few years, I believe we need to find things to hold on to that remind us of Greece and our culture and traditions. This is what makes the Greeks abroad strong.

One last question, about Covid-19. How has that affected you, your life or any general comments about it all.

I think Covid-19 is a global matter and no one expected what would happen not just to Greece, but all over the world. It definitely found us unprepared because we are dealing basically with an invisible enemy that we fight with daily and still not knowing what will happen in the future. We all have to be calm and face this patiently as this is a very hard time for everyone. And if you think about it especially people in the entertainment industry have been impacted greatly.

Here in Greece, this is the industry that closed first and will probably  be one of the last to open up properly again. I believe we have to follow the instructions given to us by the professionals who know about this matter. I take all cautionary measures such as wearing a mask, social distancing and we are generally very careful until we see what the future brings us in the matter. It is our own responsibility to care not just about us anymore but for everyone.

Have a listen to the song ‘Vasanizomai’ below: